Math Curriculum Meeting Notes

October 15, 2016, several District 112 parents and I were invited by Jennifer Ferrari to learn more about the math curriculum changes currently under consideration in District 112. Our meeting included leaders and educators from District 112 and District 113. I have written this summary to share what I learned at this meeting.

Math Curriculum Thoughts

Financial Model


As co-chairs of the Finance Committee, Dan Jenks and Mark Lawrence developed a financial modeling tool to help the 2.0 Community Reconfiguration Team gain an understanding of the impact school closings could have on the District’s long-term finances. Developed with the full assistance of District administrators, the model clearly illustrates the impact that different school configurations have on district finances. The work done on the model provides a consistent, transparent, and objective tool for evaluating the financial sustainability of different configurations. District 112 made the tool available online so that community members could explore options and better understand the District’s Finances.

Click here to download the Financial Model

Click here for background information and instructions on using the model

Click here to view a video explaining the model