Dan Jenks is a candidate for District 112 School Board in the April 4, 2017, election.

Candidate Statement

I believe that:

  • A world-class education and strong property values depend on addressing District 112’s financial, facilities, and educational challenges.
  • District 112 needs a long-term plan developed through stakeholder engagement that balances educational best practices with community values, in a manner respectful of the community’s tax dollars.
  • A successful plan will allow teachers and other professionals to focus on what they do best — educating and supporting students


When elected to the District 112 School Board, I will:

  • Support the work of the Reconfiguration Committee charged with developing a long-term plan for District 112 facilities and finances
  • Listen to all stakeholders and promote positive and respectful dialogue
  • Champion ideas which address the District’s financial, facilities, and educational challenges while remaining true to our community values